Advertising & Branding:  

We not only design campaigns, we connect hearts. Which runs on TV (GEC, News Channels & Local Channels), Newspapers, Magazines, FM Radio’s, E-papers, digital marketing. Our campaigns are designed on the basis of demography. Our services include everything from client on-boarding to brand strategizing, brand tools to brand building.

– News Paper Ads
– FM Radio
– Banners, Posters
– Other forms of advertising

Digital Marketing:

With the upgrading generation and change of human interaction, now everything is digital. This makes a basic necessity for any company or organization to have digital marketing as everyday marketing strategy. Digital marketing is a right platoform for promotions and also establishing a company or a product.

– Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube channel accounts and managing.
– Web designing is an integral part.
– We bring you the best results you expect and you deserve.
– Website traffic, more leads, more sales, more social media followers, higher engagement rates.
– Higher email open rates – we make sure you get the best consultation and a super speed service.

Event Management:

We are team of experts who are wholly focused in providing you the best. We take extra measures to ensure that your event stands at its own heights. With the professional event planners, we create an unforgettable event curated meticulously enough to be the talk of the town.

– Corporate Events
– Wedding Events
– School & College Events

Public Relation:

Communication is the key, and we communicate effectively. With extensive media contacts and a wide range of traditional PR skills opt for the digital age, we’ll drill down into your business objectives, your target audience and formulate a precise PR strategy that will get you a sure shot result.

– A discussion which never starts between a celebrity and marketers who wants you to be a part of their Ads or company promotions or events, that will be taken care by our most experienced PR team.

Broadcasting Services:

we thrive in providing hassle-free broadcasting services across large media with several options on news, reality shows, entertainment and marketing.

– TV Channels
– FM Stations
– Online services

Film Production:

Image says 1000 words, what if series of images running at 25 frames per hour? Our art of film design is beyond making it technically sound, and efficiently produced film. Films are the richest communication medium we have ever seen. We believe film project as an opportunity to communicate as a brand/product/service message on the world’s most influential medium.

– Filming,scripts, screenplay
– Online editing, offline editing
– Graphics, motion graphics, animations and many other services


Our cameras are ready to capture, what your brand has to showcase. Themed photo-shoots open various creative possibilities for showcasing the aesthetic best. We bring your imagination to reality. With the eye for detailing professional videographers we capture every single detail at the right time with the right angle for an enchanting visual experience.

– Themed photo-shoot
– Product model and food photography
– E – Commerce photo-shoot
– Portfolio photo-shoot for upcoming actors and models

Translation Services:

(Language Power to Connect): we believe the power of language comes out of ability to go beyond words and translate not only your words, but also your message, your tone, the understated meaning and designs of all technical and non- technical documents, from any language to any language. we empanel not just native translators but also professionals who are updated on Industry trends in their specialized area for all your language translation so that the final translated document rightly conveys the intended message of the original.

We offer services for languages
– Kannada
– English
– Hindi
– Telugu

Content Writing:

We the Team of Aditi Link Media with bulky media experience in content writing, develops the “Content” which is mindful, exclusive, versatile and expressing your requirements. Aditi Link Media makes sure it stands out in the public domain, establishes the brand and resonates the message.

– Website content
– Professional blogging’s related to movie industry
– Story writers
– Personal profile building

Either traditional or digital platforms, we word the right tone.

Training and Coaching:

We believe in ongoing, personalized training that’s reinforced and supported by coaches. With the updated and trending technology Aditi Link Media work with you to build a customized training plan to help exceed those goals and delivering results.

Featured Services:

With a notable experience in election campaigns and political works, we the Aditi Link Media team, take care of Promotional work for Political parties & Candidates which includes Planning/ Designing the Campaign, Content Creation, Slogans, Ad shoot, Rally arrangements, PR activity and many other works as well. For Further information, please contact us.

Aditi Link Media will be pleased to collaborate with you. Contact us for a truly professional media service experience.